Toyota Certified Used Vehicles

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  • Legendary Toyota Quality
  • Minimum 12-months / 20,000 km Powertrain and Roadside Assistance coverage backed by Toyota*
  • Warranty honoured at over 1,500 Toyota Dealers in Canada and the U.S
  • Zero deductible
  • Each Certified Toyota has passed a rigorous 127-point Quality Assurance Inspection
  • Extensive mechanical and appearance reconditioning process
  • 7 days / 1,500 kms exchange privilege*
  • Free tank of gas
  • First oil / filter change at no charge**

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Roadside Assistance

Certified Used Vehicles

Certification guarantees 24-hour Roadside Assistance for complete peace of mind motoring.* 1-888-TOYOTA-8 (1-888-869-6828)


The service provider will attempt to boost your battery so that you can start your vehicle. If the battery does not respond, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest Toyota dealer.

Gas Delivery**

The service provider will deliver up to 5 litres of gas so that you can proceed to the nearest station. The cost of the fuel is the responsibility of the member.

Tire Change**

The service provider will remove your flat tire and install your spare. Please note that the spare tire must be inflated and in sound working order. If you do not have an operable spare tire, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest Toyota dealer.

Lockout Service**

If you lock your keys in your vehicle, a service vehicle will be dispatched to attempt to gain entry into your vehicle.

Mechanical Breakdown Towing**

If your vehicle experiences a mechanical breakdown not related to motor vehicle accident and is unable to proceed under its own power, a service provider will be dispatched to tow your vehicle to the nearest Toyota dealership.


A service provider will be dispatched to winch your vehicle if it becomes stuck in a ditch, mud or snow. The vehicle must be able to proceed under its own power. If a tow is required, then the member is responsible for the cost of both.

Trip Interruption

If you experience a mechanical breakdown and are more than 300 km from home, you will be reimbursed up to a total of $100 per day for a maximum of 3 days for accommodation, meals and transportation (combined) related to the incident. Reimbursement will occur upon providing the original receipts and the repair receipt.

Travel Planning Service

This service provides the following:

  • personal, computerized itinerary and routing
  • point-to-point distance calculation
  • maps with highlighted routing, accommodation and campsite information
  • destination activity information


Certified Used Vehicles

The Toyota Certified symbol ensures that the vehicle was subjected to 127-point inspection, quality assurance tests and reconditioned by Toyota Factory Trained Technicians.

Vehicle Servicing

  1. VINs match on vehicle and paperwork
  2. Campaigns performed
  3. Next scheduled maintenance performed (within 3,000kms / 2 months)

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Road Test


  1. Starts (cold/hot)
  2. Idles
  3. Accelerates and cruises smoothly
  4. Engine (cold/hot and high/low speeds)


  1. Auto/Manual operations/shifts (cold/hot)
  2. Shift interlock operates
  3. Clutch operates (smoothly and with proper adjustment)
  4. Drive axle/transfer case operate

Steering and Suspension

  1. Steers normal (proper response, centering, free play)
  2. Struts, shocks operate
  3. Adjustable suspension/rear hydraulics


  1. Operate (pedal effort/height appropriate, no pulling, pulsating)
    NOTE: ABS pulsates with hard braking


  1. All gauges, speedometer, tachometer, odometer, etc ... operate
  2. Cruise Control System operates

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Engine Control System

  1. No active or stored codes (perform system check)
  2. Emission controls work within provincial requirements

Engine Control System

  1. Fluid leaks
  2. Hoses, lines: coolant, fuel, brake, steering, vacuum, A/C (check condition/leaks)
  3. Belts (check wear, cracks, fraying, proper adjustment)
  4. Power steering pump (check for leaks, noise)
  5. Master cylinder and booster (check for leaks)
  6. Engine mounts not broken/separated
  7. TDT print or cylinder compression test performed

Fluids - check condition, level; add or change as required

  1. Engine oil and filter (replace per Maintenance Schedule)
  2. Coolant (freeze point)
  3. Automatic transmission/transaxle fluid
  4. Brake fluid
  5. Washer fluid
  6. Power steering fluid

Cooling System

  1. Radiator (perform pressure check inspect for leaks, condition of tubes, fins)
  2. Water pump (free from leaks and unusual noise)
  3. Coolant recovery tank level sensor works

Fuel System

  1. Air filter (replace per Maintenance Schedule)
  2. Fuel pump pressure reading correct
  3. Fuel filter (replace per Maintenance Schedule)

Electrical System

  1. Battery type, condition, fluid level, load test correct
  2. Battery cables and mounts operate
  3. Alternator output correct (check voltages)
  4. Ignition system works (distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires)
  5. Starter operates
  6. Underhood area clean, dressed and touched up as required
  7. All underhood labels are present
  8. Reset CBES (Customized Body Electronic System)

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  1. No visible damage, signs of previous repairs, no visible abnormal wear
  2. Fuel lines, fuel tank, hoses and couplings not leaking

Exhaust System

  1. Entire exhaust system not damaged or leaking

Transmission, Transaxle, Differential, Transfer Case

  1. Automatic transmission/transaxle not leaking
  2. Manual transmission; differential, transfer case, no leaks; check fluid levels; fill/change as required
  3. Universal joints, CV joints, boots not damaged, leaking, or excess wear/looseness

Tires and Wheels

  1. All tires and wheels match, correct size
  2. All tires' tread depth, at least 50% remaining and in good condition
  3. Normal tire wear, no alignment or sidewall problems
  4. Tire pressures are correct
  5. Wheel wells cleaned, dressed, free from damage and run-out normal


  1. Chassis lubricated (per Maintenance Schedule)
  2. Rack and Pinion, linkage, boots not visibly damaged, leaking
  3. Control arms, ball joints, bushing not visibly damaged, worn
  4. Sway bars, links, bushings operate to factory specs
  5. Springs have proper ride height (not sagged)
  6. Struts, shock not leaking
  7. Wheel alignment correct


  1. Calipers, cylinders operate with no leaks
  2. Pads, shoes at least 50% of original thickness remaining
  3. Rotors, drums at least 50% of original thickness spec; not scored; run-out within factory specs
  4. Brake lines, hoses, fittings not worn or leaking
  5. Parking brake operates/adjusted

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Vehicle Exterior

Body Panels and Bumpers

  1. Body and bumpers free from damage, rust and misalignment
  2. Chips and scratches repaired and clear-coated

Doors, Hood, Deck Lid, Tailgate

  1. Not visibly damaged; paint not mismatched or poor quality
  2. Hood release, prop rod/gas struts operate
  3. All emblems are present and fully attached

Grill, Trim and Roof Rack

  1. Components free from visible damage and attached

Glass, Outside Mirror, Wipers

  1. Windshield free from cracks and stars
  2. Side/rear windows free from cracks and stars
  3. Mirrors not cracked, visibly damaged
  4. Replace wiper blades

Exterior Lights - operate properly, lenses not damaged

  1. Headlights aligned, auto on/off
  2. Fog, driving lights, daytime running lights
  3. Brake lights, high-mount brake light
  4. Turn signals, side marker lights
  5. Parking lights
  6. Reverse lights
  7. Emergency lights
  8. License plate lights

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Vehicle Interior

Air Bag and Safety Belts

  1. Air bags intact, no codes, dash light works
  2. Safety belts operate, free from cuts or wear

Heat/Vent/AC/Defrost - operate properly Drive belts and hoses free

  1. Air conditioning and heating systems
  2. Defog/defrost (front, rear, outside mirrors if applicable)

Audio, Alarm and Navigation Systems - operate properly

  1. Radio, cassette, CD, DVD, remote, speakers, antenna
  2. Vehicle security system
  3. Navigation System

Interior Amenities - operate properly, no damage

  1. Dash/console
  2. Tilt/telescopic steering wheel, column lock
  3. Steering wheel operates and off-centre
  4. Horn
  5. Wipers and washers operate in all modes
  6. Lights - instrument panel, courtesy, dome (fade-away), map
  7. Mirror controls (rear view, side mirrors)
  8. Ashtrays, lighter, power outlet(s)
  9. Glove box, glove box light
  10. Sun visors, vanity mirror and light
  11. Cup holders

Carpet, Trim, Mat - clean, no stains or damage

  1. Carpet (check for rust under it due to flood damage)
  2. Floor mats (if any)
  3. Door trim, panels attached
  4. Fold-down latches work
  5. Headliner


  1. Seats clean, not stained, worn, cut, cracked
  2. Seat and head restraints operate
  3. Integrated child safety seats operate
  4. Heated and/or colded seats operate

Moonroof, Convertible Top

  1. Moonroof operates in all modes
  2. Convertible top and cover operate; not damaged

Windows, Door Locks - operate as designed

  1. All keys present and function
  2. Door locks and handles (manual and power modes)
  3. Window controls (manual and power modes)
  4. Remote decklid and fuel door releases

Luggage Compartment

  1. Carpet, trim, cargo net; clean, not damaged
  2. Luggage compartment light works
  3. Jack, spare tire tools operate
  4. Weather stripping intact; no leaking
  5. Spare tire correct size/type, at least 50% tread remaining, no sidewall damage, air pressure correct
  6. Hood and trunk latches operate

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Reconditioning and Detailing

  1. Vehicle has been completely reconditioned

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Hybrid TCUV Components

Use the Intelligent Test for items 1-7

  1. Multi-Information Display
  2. Inverter Coolant Level
  3. Engine and ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission)
  4. THS (Toyota Hybrid System) related ECU (Hybrid Vehicle Electronic Control Unit)
  5. HV (High Voltage) Battery
  6. Perform "Onboard Equalizing Charge" of HV Battery (if applicable)
  7. Check transaxle "Park" function

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Additional Inspection Items (where applicable)

  1. Transfer case smoothly switches from 2WD to 4WD and back from 4WD to 2WD
  2. Truck bed is in good condition
  3. Truck bed-liner is in good condition and secured
  4. Tailgate functions properly
  5. Rear bumper is in good condition and secured

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The ECP Comprehensive Coverage gives you all the benefits of the Powertrain Coverage Plan plus the Major Component Coverage Plan. We have you covered with 16 mechanical component groups. The Comprehensive Coverage Plan is available for vehicles up to seven model years old.

With Extra Care Protection, the used vehicle you purchase from your Toyota dealer can benefit from inflation protected coverage for unexpected mechanical failure, road emergencies, and much more. It is the affordable and cost effective way to guarantee your peace of mind motoring and to protect your investment. ECP will enhance the quality experience of owning your vehicle while helping to protect the resale value down the road. You must buy your plan at the same time you buy your used vehicle.

What if the vehicle still has a factory warranty?

ECP offers much more. Whether you lease or buy, it can provide you and your vehicle with coverage for services such as towing, emergency road service, rental assistance, trip interruption assistance and travel planning assistance. It can cover you and your used vehicle when your factory warranty ends providing coverage for terms up to 36 months or 60,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.

ECP is transferable!

Extra Care Protection enhances the resale value of your used vehicle. Once you sign over the agreement, all the new owner has to do is fill out a transfer form and send it to ECP. No cost, no fuss, no hassle. Extra Care Protection is affordable when you buy and it may add value to your vehicle if you sell because buyers prefer vehicles with ECP coverage.

All Toyota vehicles are eligible

Extra Care Protection is available on all used Toyota cars and trucks, including selected luxury vehicles. Ask your salesperson about eligibility and assure yourself you have protected your investment.

Following are the benefits of the Extra Care Protection Plan:

  • Mechanical Protection

    Your Toyota consists of thousands of moving parts, so it?s nice to know we?ll be there for you, wherever you go. Your Extra Care Protection plan provides:

    • coverage of 16 major mechanical component groups
    • your choice of terms, with a wide range of kilometre limits to suit your needs and your type of driving needs
    • service from any of 1500 Toyota dealers across North America
    • peace of mind motoring
  • Vehicle Rental Assistance

    ECP helps get you home even if your vehicle has to stay in the shop overnight due to the failure of a covered component.

    • up to $40 a day for a maximum of 5 days rental
    • additional 5 days if parts are on back-order
    • up to $400 rental assistance per occurrence
  • Trip Interruption

    When you are over 300 kms from home, if a covered component fails call the toll-free number. ECP assists with up to $100 a day for 3 days for a maximum of $300 per occurrence.

    • hotel
    • meals
    • alternate transportation
  • Emergency Road Services & Towing

  • Mechanical Breakdown Towing

    To your preferred Toyota Dealership within 50 kms or to the nearest Toyota Dealership within 300 kms. Simply dial our toll-free number for assistance 1-888-TOYOTA-8.

    • help is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • up to $250 towing per occurrence
  • Accident Towing

    To your preferred Toyota Dealership within 50 kms or to the nearest Toyota Dealership within 300 kms. A second tow will be provided, if necessary, from an accident-reporting centre.

    • up to $250 towing per occurrence
  • Up to $100 each time, for any of these services:

    • boost a dead battery
    • provide key lockout service
    • deliver gas if you are stranded
    • change a flat tire
    • winching from a ditch
  • Travel Planning Assistance

    Just call our toll-free number and receive your personalized travel planner which includes:

    • highlighted road, city and vacation area maps
    • tour and accommodation directories
    • alternate routes and trip log
    • list of Toyota Dealers en route
    • a package listing historical sites, attractions and entertainment along the way