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To get closer to the Aeroplan Rewards you want, carry and show off your Aeroplan Card to earn miles for what you do every day—like eating, shopping, traveling, talking on the phone, surfing the web, driving and more.

  • Earn Aeroplan Miles with over 150 airline, hotel, vacation package, car rental, financial card and retail partner brands
  • Earn Aeroplan Miles twice on everyday purchases at partners—once when you pay with an Aeroplan-affiliated financial
    card and once again when you show your Aeroplan Card.

But you can only earn Aeroplan Miles if you carry and show your Aeroplan Card every chance you get to earn miles.

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  3. Click Order a New Card (bottom right) and follow the on-screen steps

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You'll be receiving your card within four to six weeks. Once you receive your card, keep it in your wallet and flaunt it every chance you get to earn miles and rewards....faster.

Aeroplan® is a loyalty reward program (hereafter referred to as the "Aeroplan Program") which is operated by Aeroplan Canada Inc. (hereafter referred to as "Aeroplan"). In accepting to join or continue your Aeroplan membership, you acknowledge that Aeroplan assumes no contractual or legal responsibility to you and has specifically limited its legal obligations in its arrangements with the partners to whom Aeroplan sells Aeroplan Miles. The accumulation of Aeroplan Miles does not entitle members to any vested rights and, in accumulating Aeroplan Miles, members may not rely upon the continued availability of any award, award level, premium or other benefit. Aeroplan specifically reserves the right to amend, alter, withdraw or terminate the Aeroplan Program (in whole or in part), any program, benefit or award or these rules either with or without notice. Any such changes may affect Aeroplan Miles which a member has already accumulated as well as any future accumulation of Aeroplan Miles.

In particular, you acknowledge as a condition of continued membership:

  1. Aeroplan Miles have no monetary value whatsoever and cannot under any circumstances form the basis of a monetary claim against Aeroplan;
  2. Aeroplan membership is limited to natural persons and no corporation, trust, partnership or other entity may hold membership in the Aeroplan Program;
  3. Aeroplan Miles or rewards are personal and cannot be assigned, traded, willed or otherwise transferred (other than with the consent of Aeroplan and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Aeroplan Program) and any assignment or transfer in violation of these rules will be void and may, at the discretion of Aeroplan, result in the loss of membership or the cancellation of the affected reward or Aeroplan Miles, as the case may be;
  4. Aeroplan assumes no liability to members whatsoever, including without limitation, liability by reason of the termination of or amendment to the Aeroplan Program in whole or in part, the addition or deletion of reward partners (including Air Canada) with or without notice, changes to black-out dates, limitations on the availability of flights or seats, or any change to reward or premium levels;
  5. Aeroplan assumes no liability in respect to rewards claimed and in particular shall have no responsibility for delay or cancellation of reward flights. You agree that Aeroplan and any of its affiliates, subsidiaries or representatives are not responsible for, and you release us and them from any and all liability arising as a result of, any accident, loss, injury or damage caused by any rewards supplied or requested in connection with the Aeroplan Program.
  6. In the case of Aeroplan Miles purchased directly by members, Aeroplan's sole liability to the member shall be the refund of the purchase price paid in the event such Aeroplan Miles are not used within 12 months (it being understood that any reward premiums obtained after the purchase of miles shall be conclusively deemed to have been obtained first from purchased Aeroplan Miles and second from other Aeroplan Miles);
  7. Aeroplan membership is a privilege which can be revoked by Aeroplan at its discretion at any time and without compensation including without limitation, abuse by the member of any of the Terms and Conditions of the Aeroplan program or any other actions deemed by Aeroplan, acting in its sole discretion, to be deleterious to Aeroplan, the Aeroplan Program or the interests of its partners;
  8. Aeroplan shall be under no obligation to continue the Aeroplan Program or to provide any notice of its termination;
  9. Members shall be responsible for any taxes, departure fees, security charges, levies or other charges imposed by or with the authority of any government or governmental authority in respect to any rewards or reward travel; any surcharge imposed by an airline; and any service fee imposed by Aeroplan.
  10. Aeroplan and all companies affiliated with Aeroplan will not be responsible for correspondence lost or delayed in the mail or otherwise.
  11. The reciprocal agreement between Aeroplan and its airline partners allows Aeroplan members to earn and redeem Aeroplan Miles with all participating partners. However, you can receive mileage for a particular flight in only one frequent flyer program. If Aeroplan Miles or another frequent flyer program rewards are already recorded in one program, they cannot be transferred to another.
  12. An Aeroplan member must enroll individually, only once, and in his/her full legal name. Membership is solely for the benefit of the individual, therefore it will be maintained in the name of an individual.
  13. Subject to earlier termination or amendment of the Aeroplan Program, you can accumulate Aeroplan Miles until December 31, 2012, and request reward travel until March 31, 2013. Reward travel must be completed by December 14, 2013.
  14. Aeroplan Miles in an account belong to the account holder, and not to the person or company who paid for the passenger ticket, hotel stay, car rental, or any transaction entered into with another Aeroplan partner.
  15. Each member is responsible for keeping up to date on Aeroplan Program regulations and the amount of Aeroplan Miles in his/her account. Aeroplan shall attempt to communicate statement and/or other program information and/or promotional information to members. Aeroplan shall have no liability for any failure to do so.
  16. Each member shall be responsible for advising Aeroplan of any change of mailing or email address. Aeroplan shall not be liable for misdirected communications such as mail or email, or any consequences thereof.
  17. Aeroplan upgrade certificates and tickets cannot be redeemed for cash and will be declared void if sold, bartered or transferred. As a result the member may be subject to loss of Aeroplan Program privileges.
  18. All mileage in an account expires if the Aeroplan member has not accumulated or redeemed Aeroplan Miles for a period of 12 consecutive months. Mileage may expire without further notice.
  19. Mileage in an account expires 7 years (84 months) after the date of accumulation. Mileage accumulated in an account prior to January 1, 2007 is deemed to have an accumulation date of December 31, 2006 (regardless of the actual mileage accumulation date). Mileage may expire without further notice.
  20. Your account information may only be given to you or a person designated by you in writing as defined earlier or pursuant to a court order or request from a government agency holding legislative power to compel such disclosure.
  21. Proper legal documentation will be required from all members requesting a name change.
  22. Aeroplan membership terminates upon death or personal bankruptcy of the member.
  23. Infants (children under the age of 2) traveling on a revenue ticket eligible to be allocated their own seat may accumulate Aeroplan Miles in their individual accounts. Their membership is subject to all Aeroplan Terms and Conditions.
  24. Aeroplan will be the final authority as to whether any itinerary qualifies under the Terms and Conditions of the Aeroplan Program.
  25. Aeroplan will be the final authority as to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.
  26. The Aeroplan Program shall be governed by the laws of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein, without giving effect to their conflict of laws principles. You expressly consent to the exclusive forum, jurisdiction, and venue of the courts of Ontario and/or the Federal Court of Canada in Ontario, or any other judicial district or jurisdiction as Aeroplan may determine in any and all actions, disputes, or controversies relating hereto. Any disputes regarding Aeroplan Program or in any way arising out of Aeroplan membership, including Aeroplan Miles accumulated or rewards claimed or received shall be submitted to the courts of Ontario whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear such disputes.
  27. No waiver by either Aeroplan or you of any breach or default hereunder shall be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or subsequent breach or default. If any provisions contained herein shall be determined to be void, invalid, or otherwise enforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such termination shall not affect the remaining provisions contained herein.

In addition to other terms and conditions on aeroplan.com, you will find Aeroplan booking terms and conditions and product specific terms and conditions on the left hand side. Please click on the links to see the associated booking and product specific terms and conditions.